Taf Toys I Love Big Mat | Baby Activity Mat, Baby’s Development and Easier Parenting, Soft Colored & Thickly Padded for Comfort, Ideal for Twins, Best for Fun and Tummy Time Activities, Double Size

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Product Description

  • ✓BABY’S COMFORT IS THE TOP PRIORITY – Taf Toys ‘I Love Big Mat’ is the baby activity mat large enough for a baby and suitable for twins and more. This activity mat is suitable for the baby right from newly born. It comes in a large size measuring (150cm x 100cm) so that your baby can move around easily and very freely. The mat is thickly padded and has soft soothing colors for Easier Development and Easier Parenting
  • ✓EASIER BABY’S DEVELOPMENT WITH EASIER PARENTING EXPERIENCE - Every baby is eager to explore and learn new things every day. This baby activity mat is designed and created from experts that aim to increase your baby's motor skills, cognition and emotional IQ. There are many features for various age group babies to help them improve their motor skills whilst growing.
  • ✓COLORFUL AND EXTRA PADDED – This mat is extra-large, soft and thickly padded which provides a lot of space for various baby activities and play around. The mat’s design stimulates parent-baby interaction with the colorful and loveable patchwork illustrations and texts. Baby will be able to follow the cute characters around the mat while enjoying the things he loves.
  • ✓EXCLUSIVE FOR NEW BORN AND GROWING BABY - ‘I Love Big Mat’ baby activity mat is ideal for new born babies due to the kind of extra comfort it provides. The mat is large enough to be suitable as baby grows as toddler since their activities also keep on changing.
  • ✓ENCOURAGEMENT TO BABY’S GROSS MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - There are many toys that help in baby’s motor skills development. The mat has soft colors, storytelling texts and illustrations. Though newly born babies are not able to express about how they feel, they understand everything around and keep on grasping and enjoying the surroundings. The mat includes detachable baby-safe mirror, crinkling rabbit ears, pineapple teether and plastic rings, for baby's motor skills envelopment