Taf Toys 3 in 1 Soft Baby Book | Baby’s First Book for Easier Development and Easier Parenting, Best Tummy-Time Play, Cot & Pram use, Textured Fabric & Crinkling Shapes, Contrast Colors & Patterns

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Product Description

  • ✓BABY’S FIRST BOOK - High contrast colors will aid visual development of baby in the early stages. The six panels with high contrast colors and patterns, smiley face drawings and a baby-safe mirror, all of which will aid visual development in the early stages. This is also great during Tummy Time Play. The mat stands up alone for tummy-time play.
  • ✓DESIGN CONSIDERATION – This soft book design is based on basic purpose of baby’s overall development in early stages with fun and play. The design is suitable for baby's development in two stages. Each side appeals to different developmental stages. Side one is aimed at birth to 3 months and side two consist of richly colored and beautiful, humorous illustrations by renowned French designer, Alain Crozon, along with many appealing textures.
  • ✓HIGH QUALITY - SOFT BABY BOOK has two sides to help baby in their two developmental stages. This book measure 5.5 X 33.5 inch, 14 X 85cm and can be used in cot, pram and for tummy-time play. The book is super soft and beautifully illustrated with six panels. There are high contrast colored patterns and pictures. There are smiley face and nature drawings with baby-safe mirror. All these patterns, colors and pictures help in baby’s visual development in the early stages.
  • ✓FUN AND DEVELOPMENT TOYS - The soft book is equipped with baby-safe mirror and crinkling shaped toys. Pineapple Teether toy and play pocket will sure to attract baby’s attention and will keep your baby busy playing and enjoying.
  • ✓FLEXIBILE USE – This soft book could be used in baby’s prams