Lily's Home Round Galileo Thermometer, A Timeless Design That Measures Temperatures from 60ºF to 84ºF with a Beautiful Cherry Finished Wood Frame, 7 Multi-Colored Spheres (6 in x 8 in)

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Product Description

  • SCIENCE MEETS ART: The Galileo Thermometer is an example of utilizing scientific principle to create a useful artistic piece for day-to-day use. Designed with different colored spheres of varying densities, the thermometer is able to tell the temperature accurately.
  • EXCELLENT INDOOR THERMOMETER: This Galileo Thermometer from Lily's Home makes the ideal indoor thermometer. Featuring seven multi-colored spheres with gold plated tags. This thermometer works for temperatures from 60ºF to 84ºF and goes up in 4º increments.
  • CHERRY FINISHED WOOD: This beautiful piece features a gorgeous cherry finish wood frame. Add a touch of warmth to any room with this fantastically stylish Galileo Thermometer.
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Galileo Thermometers are magnificent creations that make Galileo's 400-year-old principle of relative density a functional reality. Lily's Home has created an accurate indoor thermometer encased in brilliant glass. Galileo Thermometers are precisely manufactured to ensure precise temperature readings. As the temperature of the air outside changes, so does the temperature of the liquid surrounding the bubbles. As the temperature of the liquid changes, it either expands or contracts, thereby changing its density. So, at any given density, some of the bubbles will float and others will sink. The bubble that sinks the most indicates the current temperature. Each of the liquid-filled floats weighs exactly .006 grams more than the one above it in the cylinder to provide a stately and orderly procession of ups and downs as the temperature changes. Reading the Galileo Thermometer is easy. Simply read the tag on the lowest floating bubble to read the temperature - Each tag is marked in Fahrenheit on both sides of the tag. The fluid in the floats and the cylinder has to be the same density as the thermometer to function correctly. The fluid is non-toxic and non-hazardous, an inert oil-hydrocarbon mixture like mineral oil. The cylinder walls are laboratory grade glass, so sturdiness isn't an issue. This fascinating, functional instrument is the point at which science meets art. The 6in x 8in globe thermometer measures every 4º degrees from 60º F to 84º F and is accurate to within +/- 2º degrees with seven floats.

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