Lily's Home Analog Weather Station, with Galileo Thermometer, Glass Barometer, and Analog Hygrometer, 5 Multi-Colored Spheres (10.5 in x 12 in)

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Product Description

  • EXCELLENT INDOOR WEATHER-STATION: The Galileo Thermometer is a part of the Analog Weather Station from Lily's Home and is an example of utilizing scientific principle to create a useful artistic piece for day-to-day use. Featuring five multi-colored spheres with gold plated tags. This thermometer works best indoors and for temperatures from 64ºF to 80ºF, going up in 4º increments.
  • PREPARED FOR ANY WEATHER: The Analog Weather Station from Lily's Home includes an analog hygrometer. With an easy to read face, you can quickly see the humidity percentage and adjust accordingly!
  • DETECT CHANGES IN AIR PRESSURE: This piece from Lily's Home also features a barometer. Crafted in the shape of a globe with beautifully etched designs; the barometer helps to measure changes in air pressure, indicating with the weather is changing.
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A lovely conversation starter and a fun example of early scientific measurement, Analog Weather Station with Galileo Thermometer, Glass Barometer, and Analog Hygrometer from Lily's Home engages the eye while monitoring the weather. Designed for approximate interpretation of temperature and general prediction of fair or foul weather, the set features glass instruments that rely on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure for their function. In the thermometer, the brightly colored internal spheres rise and lower with fluctuations in temperature and corresponding density. The ball-shaped barometer shifts liquid to and from its curved spout in response to changes in the air pressure. The Hygrometer reflects the relative humidity in percents from 0% to 100%. All the pieces are beautifully shaped, and the barometer features a lovely etching of the Earth’s continents. The station has been designed with a wooden base that makes the set easy to display on desk or bookshelf. The station measures 10.5-inches in length and stands at 12-inches in height. The thermometer measures every 4º degrees from 64º F to 80º F and is accurate to within 2º degrees with five floats.