Taf Toys Outdoors Play Mat | Perfect for New Born & Toddlers, Easier Outdoors and Easier Parenting, Colorfull Illustrations, Large Size, Extra Soft, Water-Proof Base, Washable, Foldable to Carry

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Product Description

  • ✓COMFORTABLE OUTDOORS EXPERIENCE – Planning a trip outdoors with your new born baby or early age kids is not an easy task. There are a lot of challenges to face when you need to take care of your baby’s needs whilst outdoors. This exclusively designed Outdoors Play Mat makes your life easier.
  • ✓FULL COMFORT WITH EXTRA SOFT PADDING – Taf Toys Outdoors Play Mat is absolutely suitable for the early age babies; especially perfect for the new-borns. It comes with extra soft padding that provides absolute comfort to your baby. The mat come with large enough (55'' X 45") play area, so that your baby can move around easily and very freely.
  • ✓READY TO GO KIT - Wherever you plan your outing, you do not have to think and worry about taking care of your baby’s needs. Just pick up the folded mat bag and just carry it anywhere. It is lightweight and comes in folding form carry bag.
  • ✓IDEAL FOR YOUR BABY’S INDOOR AND OUTDOOR NEEDS – This play mat is ready for the park, beach or playtime at home. Since it is easy to carry and it unfolds into a water-resistant blanket, keeps your baby’s surrounding clean and dry. There’s even extra room for other members of the family to seat around your baby.
  • ✓EASY PORTABILITY - Since this mat is easily foldable and lightweight, it becomes easy to carry it anywhere indoors as well as outdoors. The mat base is water resistant and It is easy to wash.

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