Lily's Home Jumbo 12-Digit Desktop Calculator - Black

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Product Description

  • 12 digits, single live memory. Double-size "+" and "=" key for easy operation
  • Dual power system by automatic selection--solar powered or alkaline battery
  • Eye-angled, upright Liquid Crystal Display, tilted for easy viewing
  • Spacious keyboard with large, easy-to-use keytops

This 12 digits calculator does what a simple calculator is supposed to do quite handily: it easily accomplishes basic mathematical functions via a keypad with large key size and has provision for memory calculations, working with percentages, and finding square roots. Jumbo size measuring 5.75 by 7.25 inches and boasting a large, upright display, it is easy to use, and is easy to read in well-lit rooms. Powered by a solar cell, it also contains an alkaline battery which allows the unit to be used under most lighting conditions. Battery life is dependent upon usage, though once the alkaline battery is discharged the calculator can still be used on solar power. To help conserve battery power, the unit automatically turns itself off if it is not used for eight minutes. A tap on the N/C key turns it back on.